What’s Today? Monday?

When I was working full time, I’m pretty sure I lived by a calendar. But now, I live by nap times and nursing. Schedules are as obsolete to me as are pedicures.

Are we already in October? The only way I can confidently answer that question is by the fact that 80 percent of the people under 24 over here in Arizona have busted out their scarves… although the temperatures have not required them yet. In fact, I don’t believe they are required until a couple more months from now.

Mondays used to be such a drag at work… no offense any old bosses/co-workers. But the end of a weekend was something to mourn about. But now, Mondays melt into Thursdays and I just don’t know where I stand in regards to a calendar.

So, I apologize in advance to all my friends whom have suffered from my lack of calendaring my life. Like my friend who I promised to call on Thursday, only to get a text Friday evening saying “I thought today was Wednesday, I swear.” Sorry friend. Nothing personal — promise.

Also, in the same tune of not calendaring my life (that’s a thing), I have been neglecting the blog a bit… partly because I feel like I just wrote something yesterday… but it was almost a full week ago.

So here’s another promise that I’m bound to break – but hold me accountable to it, friends: I will post more.

My posts may not be as polished or mediocre as they were before… but hey! Here’s to high hopes!

Happy Monday (or Tuesday?), and I hope you enjoy this calendar clip art of me and my obsolete calendar.

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