I’m Natalie Marie, a Catholic, cloth diapering new momma. Wife of one hott husband and mother of one beautiful little girl.

I was born in Puerto Rico, and I’m pretty sure that is one of the coolest things about me. I graduated from Florida State University, and I’m a Florida native living in Arizona.

Here is a list of things I like:
+ coffee and hazelnut creamer
+ rice pudding
+ thunderstorms
+ singing nursery rhymes
+ The Bachelor/ette (don’t judge)
+ my husband
+ my baby
+ copy editing
+ dancing
+ Target
+ burp cloths

Here is a list of things I do not like:
+ lima beans

That’s pretty much all you need to know about me in about 100 words. But enough about me, I want to get to know you! Seriously, I do.

So comment on my posts, email me, follow me on Insta, and like me on Facebook! Let’s start this party.

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