My Good News & New Year’s Resolutions


I have some good news and some even better news for you. But first, I must admit that I’ve officially become the worst blogger that I know. Now don’t take that statement too literally because I know all of maybe 6 bloggers. So maybe I’m not that bad?? But I’m bad.

I’ve straight up neglected this poor blog of mine. And low and behold, it’s been just hanging out over here in internet land gaining nothing but dust and chewable viagra ads.

What? You may ask.

That’s right… in the 3 month sabbatical I’ve taken from regularly writing blogs, my poor blog homepage became the temporary home for an advertisement for chewable viagra tablets. Did you even know they existed? Me neither.

The good news is that they are gone.

The even better news is that I’m not. I’m baaaa-aaa-ack and I’ve decided to kick off my blog hiatus with a list of some New Year’s Resolutions… in no specific order.

Resolution numero uno.
I will be honest about my love/hate relationship with cloth diapers. It fluctuates from time to time… and I’ve currently been in the hate part for approximately 4 months now. Hence, my craigslist ad going up in the next couple days… Call me a failure if you’d like, but at least I tried.

Resolution dos.
I will text full sentences back to friends within 2-8 hours of receiving their text. I will also read the full text prior to allowing my child to watch Daniel the Tiger on my phone.

Number three
I will sweep the floor more often.

I whole heartedly promise to try my hardest to attempt to write a blog every now and then. I will also try to be less wishy-washy and commit.

Number five
I’d like to be super original and make one of my resolutions to lose weight and get to the gym. I’ll even add cook more meals, pray more often, read more books, and drink less coffee on there too just for kicks.

Number six
Get Felicity to sleep through the night. Hands down this is the most important one to me. It should be first, but I said no specific order.

Number seven
Teach Felicity how to do the dougy. I need someone to teach me first though.

Numero ocho
Find someone to teach me how to dougy.

And that’s about it.

2015 should be a great year. This past year has been pretty awesome, so there’s a lot to compete with, 2015.

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