A Tantrum, of sorts

teethingI’m going to throw a tantrum. Yes, you read that correctly; I am going to throw a tantrum.

Here it goes: AHHHHHHHHHH.


I just had to get that over with.

Felicity cut her first tooth on Sunday. And if you haven’t ever felt a baby tooth cutting through a gum, feel the tip of an extremely sharp knife… and then imagine breastfeeding with that little nugget in a sweet, innocent mouth.

Hence, my tantrum.

I really have no advice. I really have no qualms. I’m really not even complaining; I’m just being real.


I’m so glad that I don’t remember what teething felt like as a child. Because if Felicity’s behavior and sleep pattern is any indication of the way she’s feeling right now… it seems terrible. However, I’m not sure I will forget these sleepless nights.

So, I’m not really looking for pity. Advice, sure. But more so, solidarity. Does anyone else hate teething as much as I do? I’m excited that she has teeth under her little gummy smile… but here’s my real issue: I am not a chew toy.

End rant.

Continue with your wonderful days mamas!

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