10 Things Not To Do When Flying With A Baby


We’re baaAck. Not in a backstreet’s back kind of way, but in a I’ve-missed-you, let’s-catch-up kind of way. I’ll be updating more about my trip to Florida… but until then I just had to share about flying with una bebé.

I’m not going to lie; I may have spent at a little too much time prior to taking my first flight with Felicity looking up tips on traveling with an infant by yourself. I must’ve googled lists of things to do to fly with an infant 10 times. I harassed my friends via text to send me some tips on flying. I was beyond nervous about taking my first flight with Felicity… especially since I would be going by myself one way.

I got some good advice; don’t get me wrong. I mean… the three packs of doggie poop bags that I read would be helpful for blowouts on some vlog did come in handy — when I needed to throw my gum away. But, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

However, I did manage to come up with a list to help you when you travel with your infant… however, it’s of things not to do. Some of these are from personal experience, and the others, personal imagination… with some help from the hubs.

So here it goes: Ten Things NOT To Do When Traveling with a Baby

  1. For the breastfeeding mamas: When you are going through TSA and are asked whether you are carrying any milk or food on you for the baby, do not point to yourself and say “better than meals on wheels.”
  2. Wake up your spouse while the baby is sleeping en route to hang out rather than letting them sleep while the baby is sleeping.
  3. Sit next to a guy thumbing through both a GQ magazine and a machine gun catalog… who tells you the encouraging story about the 6-year-old who sat behind him on the previous flight who wouldn’t stop kicking his chair. Since he wouldn’t stop kicking, he turned around and threatened to punch out the window and throw the boy out of the plane. He then quickly proceeded to tell you how much he loves children and his dog, and then showed you pictures of his jack russell terrior.
  4. Cause turbulence by bouncing your baby too hard.
  5. Apologize preemptively to other passengers you see while walking all the way to the back of the plane, with a crying baby in tow.
  6. Carry more items than you have hands for.
  7. Wear earplugs while your child is screaming so that you are the only person on the plane happily asleep.
  8. Be anxious.
  9. Have a screaming contest with your baby. Whoever screams the loudest wins.
  10. Wear a diaper, in solidarity with your baby, in order to avoid waking up the person in the aisle to exit your row during the non-baby bounce induced turbulence.

Hopefully these will help you as your prepare for your next trip with your little one. Until then, what are some other things that you have learned don’t exactly help while traveling with your little one? Comment below, on Insta, or Facebook to share your non-tips! The one that makes me laugh the hardest wins a Starbucks gift card with an undisclosed amount of money on it!

Happy Traveling!


    • Natalie Marie says:

      Unfortunately, that part was real. But he turned out to be nice, for the most part. I don’t think I could make him up.

  1. Samantha says:

    What not to do when traveling with a baby:
    -Store said crying child in the seatback in front of you.

    Thing TO DO while traveling with a baby:
    -Dress them in their Halloween costume just because it’s October…people will be too distracted by the cuteness to be annoyed by the crying

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